Loved today. was so brilliant. my make up is still on, I’ve even had a little 30 min nap and it still looks good! thanks for all the advice and notes and everything. can’t wait to get started. 

Alyson Walsh’s brilliant blog  That’s Not My Age….”I’ve always preferred natural, not-much-makeup-makeup. One thing that pleases me about getting older is that less is more, at last. Though on occasions when I need to impress more than Mr That’s Not My Age and my co-workers, I tend to have my makeup done professionally. For events, book launches and posh nights out (who I am trying to kid), I call upon Louise Heywood a makeup artist I met on a shoot a few years ago, who coincidentally lives near That’s Not My Age Mansions and is a friend of a friend. Small world. Louise’s focus is ‘looking like you but on a really good day’ which is just what I’m after. “

Louise is fantastic! Very professional and her little studio makes you feel very welcome. She made a brilliant everyday make up with the sophistication I was looking for. She has become my makeup guru now!

Louise, I literally do not know how to thank you for how hot I looked on my wedding day!!!

I was lucky enough to have a makeover from Louise and she is fantastic. I’m not a massive make up person and she totally got that and gave me great tips that fit into my lifestyle (i.e. zero time to get ready in the morning)

Thanks again for the make over yesterday – it was a delightful experience from beginning to end and I really like your approach, not a shade of the drag queen, just felt more youthful and well!

I went out in town last night with some very glamorous friends I see occasionally. With my new skills and make up I felt like a million dollars.I’m so pleased with what you’ve shown me Louise, it was just what I was hoping for. It is definitely possible to be fabulous at 50 and beyond!

I wanted to recommend the amazing services of Louise Heywood – I treated myself to a 2 hour make-up session today to help mask the tiredness that life with a toddler and newborn brings, and came away feeling equipped with the know-how and products that will help make me look (and therefore feel) ready to face the world during mat leave. The studio is a little oasis in the heart of the Triangle and it was a real treat having a few hours escapism. Thanks, Louise!

Dear Louise, thank you so much for my fabulous make up lesson. What an eye opener! ;) I really enjoyed spending time in your studio; what a great way to spend a Saturday morning. I am putting my new found skills into practise and loving it. Rather than my make-up being (barely) functional, I am now more confident and I’m having much more fun… I would recommend you wholeheartedly, and I may come back and see you again soon!

Louise Heywood is amazing!

The 10 minute commuter’s make-up routine is going well. I feel more confident knowing that no matter how little sleep I have had or if I have a random toddler stain on my clothes, I still look professional. Thank you.

Louise has an instinctive talent at creating a look that is natural, but makes you feel really beautiful. On my wedding day I didn’t want make-up that was too severe, just a ‘little bit more than normal’ – Louise completely got this. She also has an inherent ability to stay cool and calm in what can be quite a frantic time, moments before walking down the aisle! I would recommend Louise, without hesitation

Worth every penny!

I really enjoyed my session with Louise. She is lovely and makes you feel instantly at ease and not self conscious. It felt a bit indulgent to book a make up lesson but actually I probably saved a lot of money (and time!)  by  learning what product work for me and how to apply them. I now have a very compact make up bag and don’t feel compulsed to buy anything else. And I know what to do for a quick and efficient fix without feeling baked. It gave me a lot of confidence and a boost and I know what to get for my friend’s big birthdays from now!

Thanks so much for the lesson this morning, I’m really happy with the finished results and have learnt so much about makeup.

I really enjoyed my makeup lesson with Louise. She really took the time to show me lots of useful techniques and followed up with helpful information. The brands she used were reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

Thank you for making me look lovely! My hair was gorgeous! You also made me feel calm and ready for the scary church bit!

 I went for a makeup lesson with Louise before going for a really important job interview. The expertise and knowledge of all the make up available meant I could choose the right make up for me, and when the time came for the interview, was able to apply it all with confidence. The best thing about doing a lesson with Louise, is that she is able to help you make the best of your face, without feeling like you are wearing too much make up. She understood that I wanted to look natural, just the best version of myself. I would highly recommend going for a make up lesson with Louise – she is both expert and a great listener.

Wow! How lucky do I feel for having the Louise Heywood treatment today. Louise is fantastic and my look soooo natural and glamorous I feel like a million dollars. Thank you!!

Can’t begin to tell you how fantastic you were and how much fun it was getting ready that morning… You really nailed my hair and make up.

 I spent a lovely afternoon in Lousie’s studio at Coopers Yard with my sister in law. We booked a 2 hour lesson and I finally realised how to do smoky eyes and what products suited by skin tone and face. She gave me some excellent tips and sent me off to my engagement party looking hot to trot. What was brilliant was walking away with new ideas an skills and a list of products which I have used ever since. Thank you Louise

Had a fun and very revealing session with Louise yesterday morning. 2 friends of mine came along to a 2.5 hours sessions packed with excellent tips about how to apply make up and what to choose for your skin type. Skin was transformed and miraculously luminous, thanks to all of Louise expertise and we had a great morning full of enthusiasm!! Thank you again Louise.

Louise is great! Really took the time to understand what I wanted and got it just right. Recommended!

The most amazing day of my life was enhanced even more by the most incredibly relaxed and talented make-up artist Louise Heywood. Louise was professional and empathetic, sensitive, calm and patient. Louise did the most incredible hair & make-up and I felt beautiful – it goes without saying that I would use Louise again when I next get married!!

I used Louise for a Fox Searchlight event and she was superb! I will definitely use her again and recommend her to friends and colleagues!

I would highly recommend Louise. She did my make-up for my 40th and I felt like a million dollars…which doesn’t happen often!

I just wanted to get in touch to say thank you so much for the excellent make up lesson you gave me. I have tried a lot of the techniques you showed me in the last few weeks. It was so good to use my existing make up and try some new ones too. I will certainly tell all my friends about your lessons. 

Highly recommend Louise Heywood. I was lucky enough to have a makeover with her and she is a miracle worker and really takes the time to understand what you want.

I cannot thank Louise enough for her inspired artistry. I had a one-to-one lesson with her first and I was delighted with the result. She had an instinctive understanding of the sort of look I wanted and was, at the same time, able to show me some completely new ways to enhance my appearance. I felt and looked wonderful, with a natural look. She gave me the confidence to use the techniques she had shown me later on. I booked a bridal makeup after that first session, confident that she would be able to repeat the performance. I am very happy indeed to report that the result was truly amazing (and that’s not my opinion but observed by many of our guests.) I looked stunning and felt like the proverbial million dollars! Many thanks Louise for a fantastic boost to the happiest day of my life!

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