The way I see it… You don’t need bags and bags of expensive make up, you just need a few products in colours that suit you and in textures that sit well on your skin. Some decent brushes help a lot but mostly it’s about gaining the knowledge to know where to put the make up on your face. I do, on the whole, believe less is more and my priority when making up any face is to give the appearance of radiant, fresh, glowing skin. Having said that, I love a bold lip, I think smudgy soft eyeliner can do wonders to brighten and define the eyes and I think blusher is definitely the most underrated beauty product in the world.

To me, make up is about confidence and self expression and although I love the stuff, most of all I love faces. I love wrinkles and dimples, freckles and features, wonky teeth and crooked smiles: basically celebrating the individual.

I want to help you to love your face, to use make up to enhance it rather than dramatically change it. Our faces are not and should not be perfect or balanced or symmetrical – they are perfectly imperfect.

Be your own kind of beautiful…

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