Learning Through Lessons

My make up lessons are a fun way to enable you to have a simple daily regime with the
emphasis on creating radiant and natural looking skin and enhancing your favourite features.

Often we are stuck in a rut doing virtually the same make up look we did when we were 17.
Well, our faces may have changed a little since then and we’ve changed. Maybe it’s time for
your make up to work for who you are now.

The Lessons are not a set of rules – we will do this together. You know your face best and
only you know how you feel your best. The focus is on looking like you but on a really
good day – and the result is feeling good about yourself.

After an initial chat, I will do your make up using my extensive collection of make up,
(and yours too if you like), and near the end you will practice doing an element of the look
yourself. You will leave looking and feeling fantastic as well as having gained the knowledge
to do it yourself at home.

I work independently so I can give honest advice on the best products on the market as I
am not affiliated with any one brand.

See some examples of my work.

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